Arizona Baseball Officials Association


Arizona Baseball Officials Association (AZBOA) is a High School Baseball Umpires group based out of Phoenix AZ, that is dedicated to the training of officials in conjunction with NFHS rules and AIA approved mechanics. AZBOA is the sole training entity for AIA Baseball Umpires. AZBOA is a statewide organization that extends it membership benefits to any umpire registered with AIA, regardless of geographic location.

AZBOA provides both written and video training materials that are available to its members 24 hours a day.  Training materials are specific to Arizona High School Baseball and is designed to make each member a qualified “State Championship” Umpire.

AZBOA has several pre season classrooms training sessions for both Varsity and Sub Varsity officials.  Each respective syllabus is designed to be a tutorial training guide for NFHS rules, AIA addendums and AIA mechanics. 

AZBOA provides its members with On Field Clinics that are specifically designed to teach AIA Two Person and Three Person mechanics. Each clinic is open to any AIA Baseball Umpire but is free to AZBOA Members. Clinics are given periodically though out the year with a heavy emphasis pre season in January and February.

AZBOA utilizes a select group of its members as Training Officers. These Training Officers are directly responsible for the implementation of training Varsity, Sub Varsity and Transfer Officials.  These members are selected for their superior knowledge of High School Baseball as well as there on field performance.  
Please contact AZBOA with any questions or concerns.