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AZBOAAZBOA Mission Statement

It is the goal of Arizona Baseball Officials Association to provide its members the best training aids, study material and support for their advancement within Arizona High School Baseball.  AZBOA, in partnership with Arizona Interscholastic Association, holds in high regard the importance of excellence in officiating and is dedicated to its members.

Illegal Bats

The following bats do NOT meet the BBCOR standards and as such are not for use during AIA / NFHS games:

Reebok Vector TLS 32" & 33" / Marucci CAT-5 33"

NFHS Approved Non Wood Bat: NFHS has approved for play in the 2017 Baseball season the Easton Z Core Lock & Load bat. This bat will not display the BBCOR logo but is allowed for play.

NFHSNFHS Rules Changes for 2023-24 (Coming Soon!)


NFHS Rules Changes for 2019-20 (NO CHANGES FOR 2021 SEASON!)

3-1-4: The DH may now be any one of the starting defensive players, including the pitcher. A Player/Designated Hitter (P/DH) then holds two positions- a defensive position player and DH. All other aspects of the DH rule remain the same.

-Can still use the traditional DH for any player to start the game (Smith DH & Jones Right Fielder)

*Team forfeits role of DH if:

- not declared at the start of the game.

-The defensive player for whom the DH batted, subsequently enters the game offensively (hitter, or runner).

-The DH assumes a defensive position (goes in as a fielder).

-When using P/DH , any player substitutes offensively for the DH. *If the P/DH is substituted for defensively, we now have the same DH and a new player in on defense. In other words ANY time we change the hitter or runner we lose the DH when using a P / DH...

GENERALLY- a player listed as P/DH is in both the offensive and defensive lineups. If P / DH leaves the DEFENSIVE lineup, they can remain in the OFFENSIVE lineup. For Example: Smith is the P/DH to start the game. In the 5th inning Jones comes into play RF for Smith. Smith is now the DH Only and Jones the fielder only....however if Smith is pinch hit or pinch ran for, then we lose the DH. The substitute is now in both offensively and defensively for Smith and there in no longer a DH.

Points of Emphasis for 2020:

1) Courtesy Runners are NOT allowed for Pitcher /DH combo. NFHS states that the Pitcher / DH, when batting, is in as the role of DH. As such no CR are allowed for the DH. So CR are only allowed for a pitcher who is not listed as P/DH.

2) States may adopt game ending procedures.

3) Slides are not mandatory but but must be legal when executed.

4) Runners may NOT pop up INTO fielders

5) Baseballs must have NOCSAE authentication mark.

6) Catchers chest protective must meet the NOCSAE standard, effective 2020.

NFHS Rules Changes for 2018-19:

1-3-1: Modified the date that baseballs must meet NOCSAE performance standard. (Effective Jan 1 2020)

6-1-3: Modified an element of the pivot foot requirement

Points of Emphasis 2019:

1. Sportsmanship
2. Compliance of Players Equipment
3. Baserunners Responsibilities

NFHS Rules Changes for 2017-18:

1-3-1: Modified the date that baseballs must meet NOCSAE performance standard. (Effective Jan 1 2020)

1-3-2a(2): Further clarification that attachments to the bat that present a potential hazard and are not permitted

1-5-3: Modified that Catchers's Chest Protector meet a NOCSAE standard, effective Jan 1 2020

8-2-7: Runners who reach first base safely may over-run or over-slide first base and return without threat of bieng put out. Added specifically that this applies on a base on balls

NFHS Rules Changes for 2016-17:

2-32-2c: Clarified when a base runner can slide through home plate in a straight line.

3-2-2 PEN: Clarified when a coach-assisted runner is declared out.

3-3-1 PEN: Developed a three-step process when administering disciplinary action to a player(s) or coach(es) for inappropriate behavior on the bench and in the field.

6-2-6: Clarified that the pitching restriction is based on number of pitches thrown.

8-3-6: Clarified when an umpire hinders the actions of the catcher in a defensive attempt and how baserunning awards are administered.

8-4-2s: A companion rule to support the above-mentioned 3-2-2 PEN modification regarding coaches’ and players’ conduct.

Points of Emphasis 2017:

1. Correct use of authenticated marked baseballs
2. Umpires asking assistance from partner on call
3. Positioning of team personnel
4. Legal slides

Reminder from 2016:

3-3-1q Penalty  … For any minor violation of Rule 3-3-1f, 1-5 (g-k), the offending coach will receive a written warning and will be restricted to the dugout for the remainder of the game.

*If the offender commits another offense (major or minor) then they are ejected.

*Major violations shall result in immediate ejection.

*AZBOA note- not ALL warnings result in WRITTEN WARNINGS. NFHS is simply trying to assist the umpire and avail us of actionable recourse against coaches who do not respond to directives.

HOWEVER if you are going to eject a Coach for MINOR violations you must have Restricted him to the dugout and written the warning down prior to ejecting him for another violation.


AIAAZBOA partnership with the AIA

Arizona Baseball Officials Association is proud to announce its partnership with Arizona Interscholastic Association.  AZBOA is the sole provider of training, study materials and support for the AIA High School Baseball Official.  We will hold various classroom and field training sessions as well as provide study material for both the NFHS rule book and AIA approved mechanics. AZBOA is excited to have you as a new member, so sign up today!