Arizona Baseball Officials Association

AIA/AZBOA Ejection Report

CHANGE for the 2019 Season. ALL ejection reports are filed via AIA's ejection report. You can locate the report by logging into your AIA Profile and go to the dashboard, listed will be the Ejection form. NO EJECTIONS will be reported via AZBOA's site!

Use this link to get to the AIA Ejection Report! "AIA Ejection Report"

Please ensure that you are following the AIA ejection protocol. Review Ejection Protocol here.


























Some data is missing on the form submission, please see below for details.

Your Name:
AIA Number:
Contact Email:
Contact Number:
Umpire Partner's Name:
Date of Ejection:
Home School Name:
Visitor School Name:
School Name of Ejected Person:
Name of the Person Ejected:
Person ejected was:
Who was ejected if not a player or coach:
Game Level:

Describe the Situation:

(Be specific and accurate. Be sure to

include any warnings you issued prior.

Use exact language, if you can quote

them then do so. If they used profanity

then write exactly which profane word

they used. Be factual.)

Describe Umpire Action:

(What you did after the incident

i.e. "Umpire Jones ejected Player

Smith for his unsportsman like actions")

Situation Type:
Was a Warning Issued:
Number of Warnings:
How long was the delay(in Minutes):

Did the ejected Coach Leave Sight & Sound:

(N/A for Players)


Additional Comments:

(if you have multiple persons ejected

for the same incident list them here

Name / School / Player or Coach)